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Email : info@vckguj.com

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Welcome! Why Choose Us?

You can believe this Institute. Which will provide you with the best platform and the opportunities to Learn and grow. You will be learn with the best faculty in the field which would provide you the opportunities to learn from them. Also you will get exposure to the different challenges. To add to it institute has the good work ethics and the environment.


Join World

Computer World makes an ideal partner for organizations looking at IT solutions because of its core capabilities and commitment to quality to deliver a wide range of technology solutions and services.

Save Time

Our institute provide teaching to the students expirince teachers. So, they can learn in very short time this way through. they can learn in short time.

Latest thechnology

Our institute used new technology for the student to teaching, that is appopriate for this generatio. teach with ne softares, So,student can walk with this updated generation/time/technology.

Computer Lab

Our intitute provide computer labe with this facility like 40+ computer,client server base network connectivity, network atteched storege device, internet connection, A/C, Audio visual,instructur etc.....



We are a orward-thinking institte o aiming to prepare our students for a rapidly changing world by equipping them with critical thinking skills,golbal prespactive,and respect for core values o honest,integrity,loyalty, and compassion.



The mission o our institute is to provide all students with a high quality education that enablesthem to be contributing members. of a multithnic,multicaltural,pluraristic society. We seek to create an enviroment that achives equity for all students and ensures that  each student is a successful learner, is fully respected,and learns to respect others.



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